The Gang Gets Racist

This is the pilot episode, but it doesn’t seem like one.  That is a good thing.  It drops you in on the lives of these 4 individuals and it does a good job of introducing us to our heroes (anti-heroes?).

Dennis, Mac and Charlie, as we know, are friends who collectively own a bar.  Dee arrives one night after closing, with Terrell, a classmate from her acting class who happens to be black.  After the initial awkward, casual racism from the guys, they find out that Terrell is a party promoter who can help them get more bodies in the bar.

The next day, they discuss the possibility of hiring Terrell at the coffee shop where the Waitress, the object of Charlie’s affection, works.  They decide to hire Terrell but of course, not before the Waitress (not to be confused with any other waitress) overhears something that Charlie says, and thinks that he is racist.

The bar becomes a success.  A gay bar success.  Terrell is gay.  Dee doesn’t like it because she’s not getting her usual tips.  Mac doesn’t like it either because of his (internalized?) homophobia.  But because Dennis likes the attention,  Charlie is desperate to show the Waitress that he is not racist, and Dee does not get a vote, the gang gets to have the most successful gay bar in Philadelphia.

Also, Charlie and Mac take a side trip to Temple University to prove they are not racists.  Charlie, was a success.  He even got a date with Jannell, a young black coed, after being wrestled into doing it, literally, by Mac. Mac, on the other hand, was not successful.  Wondering why no one likes him, Charlie simply responds, “Because you’re an asshole.”

Charlie takes the young lady to the coffee shop, and tries to impress the Waitress, and show he is not racist because he has a black friend.  Jannell finds out and punches Charlie in the face.

Dee and Mac comes up with a plan to get Dennis blackout drunk and get some of Dee’s gay classmates from the acting class to pretend that they had sex with Dennis to force Dennis to abandon the idea of a gay bar.  And true enough, Dennis wakes up the next morning, naked in bed, with two men.

This forces Dennis to fire Terrell, after some not so subtle hints from Mac about “experimenting.”  We also find that Terrell and Jannell are brothers and sisters.  And we also find out that Dee was not able to get any of her acting class friends to pretend to have slept with Dennis.

Choice Lines:

“You’re not gay.  You’re just really, really vain.”

“Nothing scares gays and black folks like Irish crap.”

“Or are you going to experiment some more?”

“Mac, stop talking.”

“How’s that ass feelin’?”


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