Underage Drinking: A National Concern

In its third ever episode, the show finally relaxes and takes a break from the heavy stuff.  Instead of racism and homophobia (as in the pilot episode) or abortion (second episode), this episode deals with underage drinking and statutory rape.  Fun times.

Paddy’s Pub is noticeably busier than it’s ever been.  Mac and Charlie are enjoying themselves while Dee is flirting with one of the patrons.  Dennis arrives and notices that everyone is underage. Dennis kicks everyone out of the bar.

Of course, the gang convinces themselves that they have a social responsibility to serve underage kids alcohol.  Responsibly.

Dee receives a phone call from Trey, a popular and athletic high school student whom she met at the bar. Faced with the choice of watching a DVD and spending time with Steve, her vibrator, she decides to go out with Trey.

Meanwhile, Charlie and Mac are sniffing Elmer’s glue, receive a phone call from one of the high school students, inviting them to a house party. Mac and Charlie purchase a keg for the party and Dee arrives with Trey.  The 3 binge drink to curb any awkwardness. During the party, Charlie and Dee are both asked to the prom.  Mac, proving himself to be a grade-A asshole, was not.

Dennis, on the other hand, is blackmailed by Tammy to attend the prom with her. While Dennis is hesitant, he agrees in order to prevent the authorities from learning of Paddy’s illegal practices. With Dennis going, Dee and Charlie  also decide to attend. Also, the gang thought it would be a great idea to host a pre-prom party.  At the party, Mac arrives insisting he goes with the gang, stag.  At the pre-prom party at Paddy’s it’s clear that both Trey and Tammy were only using Dee and Dennis to make each other jealous. Classic Tammy, according to Charlie.

Charlie ends up going to the prom with Sara, only to give way to Billy, because Charlie understands that Sara was also just using him to make Billy jealous.  Charlie looks contentedly at the couple as he dances alone.

Choice Lines:

“That dude’s gonna bang your sister, bro!”

Dee:  “And we also have a social responsibility to keep teenagers from drinking;”  Charlie:  “I guess;”  Mac: “I don’t know about this, though.”

Dee: “I don’t know how you guys live with yourselves.”  Dennis, Mac and Charlie:  “One day at a time…one day at a time.”

“You were popular like a clown was popular.”

“I’ve never statutory-raped anyone before.”

“DO NOT compare me with Mac and Charlie.”

“18’s legal bro.  This isn’t a morality contest.”


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