Gun Fever

The show has the second amendment in its sights.

Dennis insults Mac’s hook-up from the prior night as they enter the bar.  As they get in, Charlie and Dee give them the news that someone had stolen their safe.  There was no indication of a break-in.  They blame Dee.  Mac and Dennis are convinced they need to buy a gun, while Dee and Charlie aren’t.

Colin, Dee’s date, arrives to pick her up.   We find out from Charlie that Colin has been playing around and has been dating all the bartenders in the area.

Detectives investigate, term used loosely, and declare its another robbery in a string of local bar robberies. Mac and Dennis go out to buy a gun.

On their date, Dee tells Colin that she hates the idea of them owning a gun. Colin tells her that he finds guns sexy. Dee then flip-flops and becomes pro-gun.

Charlie, meanwhile, is having to deal with his landlord, Hwang.  Hwang demands his payment.  Charlie asks for a month.  He gets a a day.

Mac and Dennis arrive at the bar with the gun they just bought.  Of course they went down to the bar’s basement and used it as a shooting range.  Charlie arrives to find them, still resistant to the idea of owning a gun, until the others pressure him into holding a gun.  Then he’s not so resistant anymore.

Dee and Colin are at a shooting range.  Colin really likes his guns.

The next day at the bar, frustrated by the lack of police action, Mac and Dennis decide to investigate the robbery on their own.  As Mac and Dennis argue about who’s going to be Frank and who’s going to be Joe in their Hardy Boys fantasy,  Dennis realizes that Colin is the robber, seducing bartenders and use them to rob their own bars. Dennis and Mac decide to go after Colin but they need the gun.  They rightly guessed that Charlie has taken the gun.

Charlie uses the gun to scare Hwang into allowing him to have more time with the rent.  When his landlord knocks on his door, Charlie shows him the gun stuffed in his pants.  Hwang backs away.

Dennis and Mac arrive at Charlie’s apartment to get the gun from him.   They find Colin outside a bar, kissing a bartender. They decide to set a trap for Colin at the bar.  They tell him that there’s more money at the register.  Before Colin leaves, he also shows them his gun stuffed in his pants.

Dennis, Dee, and Mac hide, in the dark, at Paddy’s, waiting for Colin to arrive. A man enters and begins taking money out of the register. Dennis fumbles the gun, making a lot of noise and the intruder starts to flee. With both Mac and Dee prodding him, Dennis fires the gun, and they hear Charlie scream. He has been stealing from the bar.

Dennis grudgingly drives Charlie to the hospital – he doesn’t want any blood stains in his car.  At the hospital, Charlie explains that he thought that the insurance would reimburse the bar for the amount of money that he stole.  Dennis, Mac, and Dee explains to Charlie that this is a really bad idea.  Dee tells them they really need to get rid of the gun.  They decide to get rid of the gun. Charlie sends Dee for a nurse, and we find out that the guys want to keep the gun.

Dee speaks with Colin on the phone, and the last scene reveals that Colin, in fact, is the thief and he is in the process of taking the money from the register at Paddy’s.

This is the best example so far of the show taking a really serious topic that get everyone really emotional and using comedy to discuss politics in an very subtle way.

Choice Lines:

“You’re such a dildo dude.”

“But Macs get a boner every time he thinks about a gun.”

“You’ve got a poppy seed stuck in your teeth.  It’s a big one.  You’re going to want to go to the bathroom.”

“Charlie, my boy, you’ve got the gun fever.”

“No, I’m not okay! I’m shot in the head!”


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