The Gang Finds A Dead Guy

This week, the show tackles aging.  It’s also the show with the most laugh-out loud moments, so far, courtesy of the episode’s MVP, Kaitlin Olson.

Mac and Dee enter the bar, arguing about whether Mac can kick Tom Brady’s ass or not and they find a man sleeping in a booth. Quickly enough, they realize he is dead.

The coroner takes away the body. The booth needs a clean-up and it is a Charlie-job.  Wearing a low-rent, improvised haz-mat suit consisting of a trashbag, mask, and gloves he begins to hose it down. Rebecca Keane, apparently the dead guy’s estranged granddaughter comes over to see where her grandfather died.  Mac starts flirting with her but Dennis effectively cock-blocks him.  And of course, to get closer to Rebecca, both Mac and Dennis pretend to know the dead guy, to the disgust of Dee.

Dee asks Charlie to go with her to visit Pop-pop, her and Dennis’ grandfather, at the nursing home.  She needs company because she is revolted by aging. In exchange, Charlie gets to borrow Dee’s car once and get a free lunch.  At the nursing home, Pop-pop mistakes Charlie for Dennis, while Dee flees to the bathroom to calm down. Pop-pop is an anti-semite.  Pop-pop  wants to be buried in his uniform.  He orders Charlie to get a box from a storage facility and to keep it a secret between them.

Meanwhile, Rebecca  is planning Lionel’s memorial and both Mac and Dennis offer their help. Dennis wins because he promised Rebecca that he will bring some of Lionel’s friends, whom he knows.

Charlie goes to Dee to borrow her car.  Dee wants to go with Charlie to see Pop-pop, but Charlie tells her to take the bus.  Charlie gets the box at the storage facility.

Mac and Dennis go to a homeless shelter to hire some guys to pretend to be Lionel’s friends.  They brought the men to the memorial and as both Mac and Dennis try to one-up each other, Charlie calls Mac and orders him to come over for an emergency.  Mac leaves.

Dennis makes up a story about how he and Lionel, one Christmas eve, decide to go to a homeless shelter and not just feed people, but also wash their feet.  This was enough to get Rebecca to bed.

Mac arrives at Charlie’s apartment, where Charlie opens the door eating a banana in a Nazi uniform.  Charlie shows to Mac Pop-pop’s box which contains the old man’s Nazi memorabilia.  They decide that they would make money off it by selling it to a museum.  Of course, once they show it to a man at the museum, he is disgusted by it and tells them that as soon as they leave, he will be calling the police.

Dee sees Pop-pop again, hoping she could read to him.  However, Dee cannot get over her disgust of aging and she gets away from Pop-pop in a huff.

Mac and Charlie, back at the bar, decide to burn the box.  Dennis arrives, needling Mac about hooking up with Rebecca.  Fed up, Mac shows a picture he saved from the box, showing Pop-pop, looking exactly like Dennis, being a proper Nazi.

Later, we see Charlie watching television while wearing the Nazi hat.  The show within a show is one where there are a dozen rangers in a brown hole.  I’d love to watch that show.

Choice Lines:

“Holy shit. That bitch is dead.”

“Pop-pop is an asshole, Dee.”

“I kinda have a problem with old people. Sounds a little mean but I find them creepy… and scary… and gross. I think they’re gross. It’s their hands, really, and how you can see right through them to their inside business.”

“All right, listen to me, Dee.  The slow and painful crawl to death is an inevitable part of life.  So just embrace it, alright?

“There are so many medals in there, this guy was probably king Nazi!”

” Yeah, but it just seems like the waste of a perfectly good Nazi uniform.”

“Let him die and burn in hell.”


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