The Gang Goes Jihad

As Dee, Dennis, and Mac try to remove the the casts off of Charlie’s legs, Frank demands that he become part of the gang.  It devolves to Dee, also being excluded from the gang.  While this was happening, their new neighbor, Ari Frankel from Israel, comes in and informs them that he owns land that extends to a part of the bar, and they would have to vacate.

Frank’s wife (and mother to Dennis and Dee), bang on the door of the apartment that Frank shares with Mac.  Barbara Reynolds comes in and fights with Frank.  She slaps Charlie and leaves.  She goes to the bar, where she chances upon Dee who is wearing her earrings.  Dee leaves as her mom starts berating her.

Mac, Charlie, and Dennis ask a lawyer on their options who tells them they have no legal option. Of course the gang interprets this as the lawyer talking to them in code to seek redress using illegal means.  The lawyer throws them out of his office.

The gang starts to think of ways to “scare” Ari away.

Frank goes to their house where Barbara is entertaining Ari whom she met as she was leaving Paddy’s.  She tells Frank that she will be sleeping with Ari, infuriating Frank who promptly leaves.  Frank brings Dee to their house to help him kidnap Barbara’s pet dog.

Ari comes to Frank and Charlie’s apartment demanding that Frank give the dog back.  Ari declares to Frank how exasperated he has been with everyone, complaining of the gas leak discovered at his new building.  Frank offers him a business proposition.

The gang decides to make a video wearing headscarves and speaking in mock Arabic as terrorists, but decide not to mail it to him because it will get them in trouble. They finally just allowed Charlie to go with his original plan of throwing a flaming bag of dog poop into Ari’s building, which ignites the gas leak and blows up the building.

The next day, as the gang harmonizes to “More Than Words,” Frank enters with a general contractor planning changes. He tells them that has purchased the land from Ari.  He also tells them that he knows they blew up the building.  He  and makes them an offer: let him be in the gang or they can go to jail for setting the building on fire. Charlie and Mac decide to let him into the gang even as Dee and Dennis, act like children and  oppose the decision. The bickering stops as two police officers enter, ask to see the owners, and show the Jihad tape that Charlie decided to send in anyway.

Choice Lines:

“Dennis, let your sister be part of the gang.”

“I can’t even talk to you anymore. Standing up for yourself. Standing up for immigrants! I don’t know what you’re turning into Frank, but it’s making me sick!”

“Well that’s attractive. Maybe if you took a bit more pride in your appearance you could find a man, and then you wouldn’t have to steal from your mother. I mean, look at your skin, Deandra… Christ, there is a sun in Philadelphia.”

“Why can’t you die and leave us your money like normal parents of America?”


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