Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare

This episode went by like a breeze.  It was laugh-out-loud funny as well.

The episode opens with Dennis and Dee quitting their jobs at the bar, because, one, they do not want to work for Frank, and, more importantly, two, they do not want to work for Frank.

Dee applies for unemployment for both of them.  Dennis was a little hesitant until he found out that they will get $400 a week.

Without Dee and Dennis to “father” around, Mach and Charlie are feeling the “fatherly” embrace of Frank and decide they’ve had enough.  Mac looks for Dee and Dennis, and finds them day drinking.  Mac asks them to come back to work which both Dee and Dennis decline.  Mac reminds them that unemployment doesn’t last forever.  Of course not.  Dee and Dennis will go on welfare once unemployment runs out.

Meanwhile, Frank decides to use Charlie to hide his money from his wife.

To deflect the stifling attention of Frank, Mac recommends that they hire welfare recipients as workers, to take advantage of tax breaks that go with such arrangements.

Charlie and Mac go to the welfare office to find such workers.  On their way out, they meet Dee and Dennis who are there to apply for welfare, with Dennis pretending to be a former crack addict and Dee as a person with Down’s Syndrome.

The clerk at the welfare office demanded blood tests.

So Dee and Dennis decide to do crack to get “valid” test results.  The first time, they miss their blood test by a day and an hour.  So they decide to get do more crack.

their bar tending jobs so they can pursue their life dreams. They find out that they can make more money while from Unemployment Benefits than they did at the bar, so they take some time off. Mac reminds them that unemployment only lasts for a short while, so Dennis and Dee apply for welfare. When the caseworker asks to see their blood work to prove that Dennis is addicted to crack, the siblings decide to buy crack so they can expedite their blood work. After smoking crack, they get addicted and miss their appointment to have their blood tested.

At the bar, they have employed 2 welfare recipients to do all the work at the bar.  Frank wants to hang out with Mac and Charlie but the 2 don’t want to.  Mac finds out that Frank’s money is in Charlie’s name so they decide to get some of it and hire some hookers.

While out with their hookers, Frank finds out that Charlie has withdrawn some money from the account and froze it.  This prompts Mac and Charlie to ditch the hookers since they can’t get additional money for services “already rendered.”

The gang finds itself together near the bar, all wanting their jobs back.  Frank hires Dee and Dennis to do Charlie’s job, because they are crack addicts.  He promotes Charlie to management because he’s shown initiative in stealing money from his account.  Mac get’s nothing because he’s just a follower and a thief.

Choice Lines:

“Welfare is for people who need it, like drug addicts and single mothers. It’s not for over privileged pieces of shit who want to waste millions in taxpayer dollars…”

“All I’m saying is that slaves is not a racist term. Look throughout history many people have been slaves. There have been Jewish slaves, Italian slaves, Asian slaves.”

“Later, boners.”

“Driver, we’re done here.”

“Charlie, you’ve got a lot of balls stealing my money. This shows leadership. I am promoting you to management.




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